Mobile Information Systems

Recent Advances in Mobile Ocean Sensor Networking

Publishing date
01 Jul 2023
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24 Feb 2023

Lead Editor

1Qingdao University, Chingdao, China

2Valencia Polytechnic University, Valencia, Spain

3University of Exeter, Exeter, UK

This issue is now closed for submissions.

Recent Advances in Mobile Ocean Sensor Networking

This issue is now closed for submissions.


With the progress of science and technology, there is a revolutionary change in the field of mobile sensor networking technology, which promotes the development of information technology. As one of the important technical units of the three-dimensional monitoring of the marine environment, the research and development of the mobile sensor network plays a key role in improving the real-time three-dimensional monitoring capability of the marine dynamic process. At present, there are many types of mobile ocean sensor network products which are suitable for different platform applications. In addition to traditional platforms such as ships, shore base buoys and submerged buoys, they are also used in the products of unmanned mobile observation platforms such as underwater gliders, autonomous underwater vehicles, unmanned ships and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Ocean mobile sensor network is an extension of wireless sensor network in the ocean. It is deployed in the extremely complex and variable marine environment for the specific application of ocean monitoring to realize real-time mobile monitoring of the ocean. Ocean mobile sensor networks generally include network parts deployed on the sea surface and network parts deployed underwater. Ocean mobile sensor networks include land-based marine near-shore networks, space-based satellite networks, etc., thus forming an ocean three-dimensional mobile sensor network in a broader sense. Among them, the most widely used surface wireless mobile sensor network uses radio waves for communication and networking, which can be used to monitor wind direction, wave height, tide, water temperature, light, water pollution and other information related to the ocean. information transmission, etc.

This Special Issue welcomes original research and review articles exploring recent advances in mobile ocean sensor networking.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Ocean mobile sensor network-based measurement technology of sea water
  • Ocean mobile sensor network data acquisition and communication system
  • Sensor nonlinear compensation and information fusion
  • Intelligent real-time ocean surveying instrument
  • Marine parameter measuring instrument based on multi-parameter integration
  • Deep sea buoy and its mobile sensor network
  • Data processing technology of ocean mobile sensor network
  • Multi parameter stereoscopic ocean observation network
  • Ocean mobile sensor network design with low power consumption
Mobile Information Systems
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