Table 8: Matrix of R&D strategy.

Patent R&D strategy Description
Degree of protectionR&D capabilityBenefit creation

HHHLeaderThe patent with high-strength and high-product benefits usually adopt a cross-licensing model and other competitors to obtain the balance of terror

HHLAttackerActively to the goal of Sheep to obtain royalty patent portfolio through intensive construction

HLHStalkerThrough the acquisition of key patents, in addition to protection products and the other can sue the other party infringement strategy

HLLPatent TrollAs a means through to obtain and hold patents and patent infringement litigation as a threat to force payment of royalties

LHHThe targetRevenue up to the scale of the degree will become the main subject matter of the patent litigation with the attacks to pay high royalties

LHLProblemUncertainty region

LLHResponderTechnologies and strategies for competitive advantage, and only passively follow the changes in the environment

LLLGive up