Figure 5: Top left: cluster coefficient 𝐶 and average shortest path length 𝐿 for RPN with SW (upper) and FN (lower) connectivity, for different parameters 𝑝 and 𝜙 , respectively. All curves are normalized to the common maximum ( 𝐶 m a x = 0 . 5 8 6 , 𝐿 m a x = 8 . 5 3 ). Shown are mean values obtained from 20 simulations for each parameter, the SEM is always below 0.003. Top right: scatter plot of the normalized values of 𝐶 versus 𝐿 for RPNs with FN, SW, and GN connectivity. The leftward bending of the SW curve reflects the small-world effect: Strong clustering (high values of 𝐶 ) coexists with short paths linking pairs of nodes (low values of 𝐿 ). Bottom left: mean distance of connected nodes 𝐷 for FN, GN, and SW RPNs, depending on 𝑝 or 𝜙 , respectively. All values are normalized as described above ( 𝐷 m a x = 0 . 3 8 ). The SEM is below on 0.00009. Bottom right: scattering of 𝐷 versus 𝐿 for the same FN, GN, and SW RPNs.