Step  1: Define test-sheet problem and determine test-sheet composition goal
  Step  2: Structure the hierarchy from the top through the intermediate levels (criteria on which
     subsequent levels depend) to the lowest level (Figure 1).
  Step  3: Construct a set of pair-wise comparison matrix C (size , here , shown in
     (Table 1). The pair-wise comparisons are done in terms of which element dominates
     the other.
  Step  4: Calculate the sorted weights. Calculate maximum eigenvalue and its eigenvector
      for comparison matrix C through , and then normalize to get the
     final weight vector ω (Table 2).
  Step  5: Test consistency
    Step  5.1: Calculate consistency index CI through
    Step  5.2: Find the average Random Index RI through Table 3.
    Step  5.3: Calculate consistency ratio CR through CR = CI/RI
  Step  6: If , the comparison matrix C is consistent and return; if , the
     comparison matrix C should be modified, and return Step  4.
Algorithm 2: The algorithm of AHP for test-sheet composition.