Research Article

A New Similarity Measure of Generalized Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers and Its Application on Rotor Fault Diagnosis

Table 1

The comparison of the calculation results of the proposed similarity measure and the existing similarity measures.

SetsChen’s methodLee’s methodChen and Chen’s methodWei and Chen’s methodWen and Zhou’s methodThe proposed method

Set 10.70000.49650.42000.68200.70180.6567
Set 20.70000.50000.49000.70000.74080.7071
Set 3110.80000.82480.83240.8763
Set 40.70000.36750.49000.62220.58750.4743
Set 50.70000.25000.49000.70000.74080.7071
Set 6110.70000.72090.72910.8218
Set 70.95000.64640.90480.62150.60610.2810
Set 81#0.50000.50000.50000.5000
Set 920.5000420.04980.7071
Set 1040.918022.66673.34810.00110.8736
Set 1140.941222.66673.53140.00110.9079
Set 1210110.13530.1353

Note: “#” means that the similarity measure cannot calculate the degree of similarity between two generalized fuzzy numbers.
“bold” means incorrect results.