Table 1: Parameters of 12/4 and 12/8 wider-rotor-teeth BSRMs.

Stator diameter/mm95
Rotor diameter/mm49.8
Stator yoke/mm6.1
Rotor yoke/mm7.65
Stator pole height/mm16.5
Rotor pole height/mm7
Stator pole arc/°M15
Diameter of axle/mm20
Gap length/mm0.25
Length of stator stack/mm55
Rotor pole arc of 12/4 BSRM/°M45
Number of windings of 12/4 BSRM13
Rotor pole arc of 12/8 BSRM/°M30
Number of main windings of 12/8 BSRM9
Number of suspension windings of 12/8 BSRM13