Table 3: Priorities of criteria and subcriteria.

Criteria and subcriteriaLocal weightsGlobal weights

C1 government policies0.441
 C11 efficiency of authority0.1410.062
 C12 vessels recruited in war0.0830.037
 C13 registry qualifications acquired0.3580.158
 C14 direct shipping licenses0.4180.184

C2 economic factors0.317
 C21 crew costs0.2200.070
 C22 dual class expenses0.1600.051
 C23 financing costs0.3380.107
 C24 tax-related expenses0.2820.089

C3 operational flexibility0.242
 C31 employment requirement for
 Taiwanese seafarers
 C32 complying with PSC requirements0.1890.046
 C33 cargo considerations0.3290.080
 C34 prohibition of the employment of
 Chinese seafarers

for the comparison of criteria with respect to the overall objective.