Research Article

Towards a Unified Sentiment Lexicon Based on Graphics Processing Units

Table 1

Sentiment lexicons that are available on the web and supported by universities.

Name University Positive Negative Neutral Language Methodology Category Order

Bing Liu Illinois 2006 4783 0 English Automatic No Alphabetic
MPQA Pittsburg 2721 4913 571 English Manual N, V, Ad, Adv Alphabetic
NTUSD SINICA 2812 8276 0 Chinese Semiautomatic No Phonetic
Pan American UPM 6083 5300 5000 English
Manual N, V, Ad, Ad Alphabetic
SentiWordNet ISTI 857 753 0 English Automatic N, V, Ad, Ad No
STSL UPM 19619 29792 89135 Spanish Manual N, V, Ad, Ad
Interjections diminutives phrases