Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Effect of Baseflow Separation on Uncertainty of Hydrological Modeling in the Xinanjiang Model

Table 1

Parameters of the Xinanjiang model and related prior ranges.


WM/(mm)100–250Areal soil moisture storage capacity
0.1-0.2Proportion of mean tension water capacity of the upper layer to WM
0.3–0.7Proportion of mean tension water capacity of the lower layer to
KE0.8–1.5Ratio of potential evapotranspiration to pan evaporation
0.1–1.0Exponent of soil moisture storage capacity curve
SM/(mm)10–50Areal mean free water capacity of the surface soil layer
EX1–1.5Exponent of free water capacity curve
KG0.1–0.5Outflow coefficients of free water storage to groundwater
IMP0.001–0.1Ratio of the impervious to the total area of the basin
0.1–0.3Coefficient of deep evapotranspiration
CG0.6–0.99Recession constant of groundwater storage
1–5Number of reservoirs in instantaneous unit hydrograph
NK1–4Common storage coefficient in instantaneous unit hydrograph