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Modified Quasi-Steady State Model of DC System for Transient Stability Simulation under Asymmetric Faults

Table 2

The commutation process and the corresponding DC voltage instantaneous value for the single bridge inverter within one cycle.

Trigger pulseTime periodUpper bridge valve stateLower bridge valve stateCommutation stateDC voltage waveformCorresponding relationshipDC voltage calculation

~Valve 3 commutes to 5Valve 4 conducting to p-c, q-b, r-a
~Valve 5 conductingValve 4 conductingp-c, r-a

~Valve 5 conductingValve 4 commutes to 6 to p-b, q-a, r-c
~Valve 5 conductingValve 6 conductingp-b, r-c

~Valve 5 commutes to 1Valve 6 conducting to p-a, q-c, r-b
~Valve 1 conductingValve 6 conductingp-a, r-b

~Valve 1 conductingValve 6 commutes to 2 to p-c, q-b, r-a
~Valve 1 conductingValve 2 conductingp-c, r-a

~Valve 1 commutes to 3Valve 2 conducting to p-b, q-a, r-c
~Valve 3 conductingValve 2 conductingp-b, r-c

~Valve 3 conductingValve 2 commutes to 4 to p-a, q-c, r-b
~Valve 3 conductingValve 4 conductingp-a, r-b

The expression of “” means a time period from time instant “” to the time instant “”.