Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2015 / Article / Tab 11

Research Article

Sustainability-Related Decision Making in Industrial Buildings: An AHP Analysis

Table 11

Improvement proposals.

  Previous valueImproved value

SS1: safety
CR 1.1The introduction of fire detection systems and alarms0.0000.019
CR 1.2The existence of a health & safety coordinator 
The construction company must be responsible for its own preventive activity, so that this activity is not outsourced 
The inclusion of the requirement that all personal and collective protection systems must have the “EC” label in the tender specifications
CR 1.3The health & safety coordinator must belong to the construction company and must not be outsourced0.0770.135
CR 1.4Placing anchoring systems and lifelines, in order to facilitate maintenance and cleaning under safe conditions, throughout the life of the building0.0360.070

SSS2: Society
CR 2.1Changes to the planned location of the plant to an industrial estate closer to the town centre, with access to public transport lines, improving worker access to the plant0.0800.153
CR 2.2The introduction of a budget heading on water spraying systems to reduce the generation of dust in the environment0.0570.085
CR 2.3An increased level of hygiene above the legal minimum, because the plant has an area dedicated to the sale of olive oil products to the public0.1720.258

SS3: environment
CR 3.1The installation of solar photovoltaic panels on the roof, with the aim of reducing external energy consumption and therefore CO2 emissions 
The promotion and the encouragement of public transport among workers, leading to reductions in CO2 emissions

SS4: economy
CR 4.2The imposition of clauses threatening economic sanctions, in case of delays, in order to ensure compliance with deadlines0.0760.094
CR 4.3Rain water collection tanks for subsequent reuse of rainwater in other applications, thereby reducing resource consumption 
The use of energy produced in the solar photovoltaic system, for own consumption or for sale to the electric network

SS5: functionality
CR 5.3The implementation of a system to regulate the use of lighting, to reduce energy consumption 
The installation of a forced ventilation system for the circulation of air 
The installation of acoustically insulated panels in equipment that generates noise
CR 5.4The requirement that quality accreditation must be held by the engineering company that bids for the design of the project 0.0490.065
CR 5.6The implementation of security systems, in order to facilitate access to the roof and in consequence, to enable operators to perform maintenance work safely0.0000.080

SS6: corporate image
CR 6.1Reduction of the visual impact of the parking of the factory, considering the trees growing on the plot where it is located0.1000.133
CR 6.2The requirement that the company should hold quality and environmental management accreditations 0.0000.451

Total value of IBSI0.3390.581