Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2015 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Sustainability-Related Decision Making in Industrial Buildings: An AHP Analysis

Table 4

Breakdown of “safety” study scope at its different hierarchical levels.

Study scopeCriterion (CR)Oil mill housing
Slag pit housing
Storage depot

Safety (SS1)Structural safety against fire (CR1.1)0.0000.0000.087
Safety and health in the execution procedure (CR1.2)0.0370.2570.184
Safety measures in the construction process (CR1.3)0.0770.1930.135
Maintenance and conservation of the industrial plant (CR1.4)0.0360.0510.068
Safety against intruders (CR1.5)0.0510.0510.051
Safety and health during deconstruction (CR1.6)0.0980.0980.065