Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2015 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Voltage Sources in 2D Fourier-Based Analytical Models of Electric Machines

Table 1

Parameters of the studied machine.

Symbol Parameter Value

Rotor yoke outer radius 14.5 mm
PM outer radius 18.0 mm
SC outer radius 18.5 mm
Air gap outer radius 20.5 mm
Slot outer radius 30.4 mm
Machine outer radius 38.0 mm
Stack length 200.0 mm
Number of slots
Slot opening angle rad
PM remanent flux density  T
Number of pole pairs 2
Magnet span rad
Number of turns per coil 5
Number of phases 3
SC conductivity  Ωm
Ohmic resistance of the coils 0.0106 Ω
Inductance of the end-windings  H