Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2015 / Article / Alg 5

Research Article

An Effective Hybrid of Bees Algorithm and Differential Evolution Algorithm in Data Clustering

Algorithm 5

Pseudocode of proposed CCIA-BADE-K algorithm.
 (a)  Find seed cluster center (preprocessing)
 (b)  Create an initial Bees population randomly with Scout Bees
 (c)  Calculate the objective function for each individual
 (d)  Sort and update best site ever found
 (e)  Select the elite sites, non-elite sites, and non-selected site (three site groups)
 (f)  Determine number of recruited bees for each kind of site
 (g)  While (iteration < 100)
     (I)     For each selected kind of sites
             % calculate the neighborhoods
      (1)   For each recruited bees
            % Mutation
      (2)  Choose target site and base site from this group
      (3)  Random choice of two sites from this group
      (4)  Calculate weighted difference site
      (5)  Add to base selected site
            % Crossover
      (6)  Perform crossover operation with Crossover Probability
      (7)  Evaluate the trial site that is generated
            % update site
      (8)  If trial site is less than target site
      (9)     Select trial site instead of target site
      (10)   else
      (11)        Select target site
      (12)   End if
     (II)   End (for of recruited bees)
 (h)  End (for of selected Sites)
 (i)   Sort and update best site ever found