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Decomposition and Decoupling Analysis of Energy-Related Carbon Emissions from China Manufacturing

Table 1

Subsector split of the manufacturing sector.

SCI codeManufacturing subsectorEI/NEI

1Manufacture of agricultural and sideline productsNEI
2Manufacture of food productsNEI
3Manufacture of beveragesNEI
4Manufacture of tobacco productsNEI
5Manufacture of textilesNEI
6Manufacture of garment, shoes, and hatNEI
7Manufacture of leather, fur, and featherNEI
8Manufacture of wood and wood productsNEI
9Manufacture of furnitureNEI
10Manufacture of pulp, paper, and paper productsEI
11Publishing, printing, and reproduction of recorded mediaNEI
12Manufacture of stationery and sporting goodsNEI
13Manufacture of petroleum processing, coking, and nuclear fuelEI
14Manufacture of chemicals, chemical productsEI
15Manufacture of pharmaceuticalNEI
16Manufacture of chemicals fibersNEI
17Manufacture of rubberNEI
18Manufacture of plastic productsNEI
19Manufacture of other nonmetallic mineral productsEI
20Manufacture of ferrous metal smelting and rollingEI
21Manufacture of nonferrous metal smelting and rollingNEI
22Manufacture of mineral productNEI
23Manufacture of general equipmentNEI
24Manufacture of special equipmentNEI
25Manufacture of transport equipmentNEI
26Manufacture of electrical machineryNEI
27Manufacture of communication equipment computer and other electronic equipmentNEI
28Manufacture of instrument and office machinery NEI