Research Article

Performance Requirements on Remodeling Apartment Housing and TOPSIS Evaluation

Table 2

Evaluation index of performance for remodeling and PIS/NIS.

SectionsNumberItemsEvaluation Index

Durability and safety1.1Maintenance/repair of initial performance
1.2Extension of structural lifeGr. 3
1.3Improvement in seismic performance
1.4Improvement in bending or deformation performance
1.5Improvement in collapse and destruction prevention
1.6Improvement in impact resistance performance
1.7Improvement in local compressive load performance
1.8Improvement in load resistance performance
1.9Improvement in distribution pressure resistance
1.10Improvement in fire detection and alert performanceGr. 3
1.11Improvement in smoke control and evacuationGr. 3
1.12Improvement in fireproof and noncombustionGr. 3
1.13Improvement in safety against natural disasters
1.14Prevention against slip, collapse, and fall

Habitability and sanitation2.1Expansion and secure area
2.2Secure ceiling height
2.3Impact absorption, noise-proofGr. 3
2.4Secure viewGr. 3
2.5Secure natural lightingGr. 4
2.6Improvement in artificial lightingGr. 3
2.7Prevention for visual fatigue and secure visibility
2.8Improvement in noise absorbing performance
2.9Improvement in light weighted impact sound-proofGr. 4
2.10Improvement in heavy weighted impact sound-proofGr. 4
2.11Improvement in bathroom noise-proof performanceGr. 4
2.12Improvement in boundary noise-proof performanceGr. 3
2.13Reduction in self-noise occurrence
2.14Improvement in thermal insulating performanceGr. 3
2.15Improvement in dew-proof performance
2.16Reduction in release of interior hazardous air pollutant Gr. 3
2.17Improvement in ventilating and wind flowingGr. 3

Consideration for the weak3.1Consideration for people with visual impairment
3.2Consideration for people with hearing disabilities
3.3Consideration for the handicapped and the weak

Maintainability4.1Reinforcement of fouling resistance
4.2Variability of space planning (plane)Gr. 4
4.3Facility variability
4.4Easiness of conservation and repairGr. 4
4.5Easiness of replacement and repair

Crime prevention5.1Performance of trespassing prevention
5.2Reinforcement of surveillance function

Eco-friendliness6.1Recyclability, renewability, and reusability of wastes at destruction
6.2Prevention for air pollution while handling wasted materials
6.3Prevention for soil pollution while handling wasted materials
6.4Prevention for water pollution while handling wasted materials

Energy conservation7.1Utilization of natural energy
7.2Improvement in thermal insulationGr. 3
7.3Improvement in air tightnessGr. 3
7.4Improvement in performance and function of facilityGr. 3
7.5Improvement in facility efficiency (energy and water)Gr. 3
7.6Extension of facility lifeGr. 3

Aesthetics  8.1Improvement in aesthetics for indoor common area
8.2Improvement in aesthetics for indoor private area
8.3Improvement in external wall aesthetics
8.4Improvement in rooftop aesthetics
8.5Improvement in outdoor aesthetics