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Research Article

Use of a Combination of AHP and ISM for Making an Innovative Rescue Caring Design in Landslide Area

Table 1

Issues in product value opportunities analysis [49, 50].


EmotionCourageRescuers can be inspired when they use a suitable product.
Independence securityRescuers can operate independently and the equipment has the versatility on other tasks.
Rescuers can feel safe.
SensibilityThe equipment can make rescuers feel confident in themselves.
ConfidenceEase of use of equipment increases rescuers’ confidence.
PowerRescuers can handle situations by using equipment.

Human factors engineeringComfortable Feeling comfortable with no pressure when using rescuing equipment.
SafetyIt is safe to use and will not put users in danger.
UsabilityBeing simple and easy to use.

AestheticsSightThe equipment is good looking.
Sense of touchFeeling smooth with no discomfort.
Auditory senseEquipment does not make noises.
NoseThe material has no peculiar smell.
Sense of tasteBeing not harmful or uncomfortable to mouth.

ImageTimeAbility to meet the time or frequency when local disaster happens.
LocationBeing fit for local rescuing demand.

InfluenceSocietyHaving adaptable equipment to fit various environments and situations.
EnvironmentNot having any harmful influence to environment.

Core technologyReliability Product can use stable without trouble.
AvailabilityThe core tech. must meet the product’s function and be easily accessible when needed.

QualityCraftThe product must have high quality.
DurabilityThe product must achieve the high durability.