Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2015 / Article / Tab 11

Research Article

Service Station Evaluation Problem in Catering Service of High-Speed Railway: A Fuzzy QFD Approach Based on Evidence Theory

Table 11

Comparison analysis between truth and nonspecificity.

Nonspecificity by different F-AHPsTruth of by different F-AHPs

PT1.5 1.110.09PT0.880.800.5
SC1.58 1.150.1SC0.540.450.25
LA1.14 0.910.11LA0.60.510.30
AF0.76 0.660.04AF0.440.420.35
GI0.84 0.710.05GI0.490.480.28

Max nonspecificity 1.581.150.18Min truth 0.440.420.25