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Research Article

Minimization of the Total Traveling Distance and Maximum Distance by Using a Transformed-Based Encoding EDA to Solve the Multiple Traveling Salesmen Problem

Table 1

Application contexts for the in-group optimization problems.

Application context Type of application

Routing mTSP [13, 24, 4648]

Print scheduling Print press scheduling [49]
Preprint advertisement scheduling [50]

Workforce planning Bank crew scheduling [51]
Technical crew scheduling [52]
Photographer team scheduling [53]
Interview scheduling [54]
Workload balancing [55]
Security service scheduling [56]

School bus routing [57]
Crane scheduling [58]
Local truckload pickup and delivery [59]
Vehicle routing problem [60, 61]

Mission planning Planning of autonomous mobile robots [6265]
Planning of unmanned air vehicles [66]

Production planning Hot rolling scheduling [17]
Parallel machine scheduling with setup [29]

Satellite systems Designing satellite surveying systems [67]