Research Article

Development of Liquid Capacity Measuring Algorithm Based on Data Integration from Multiple Sensors

Table 1

Comparison of sensors used for measuring liquid level.

Sensor typeScope of measurement [m]PrecisionTemperature limits [°C]Pressure limits [kgf/cm2]

Pressure type [9]0.1–100±0.05 [FS%]70

Float type [10]Customizable6.35 mm105

Displacement type [11]0.3–3±2 [%]370300

Capacitance type [12]0.1–4±0.1 [%]200102

Weight level type [13]30.510 [mm]49

Radiation type [14]70.5 [%]50No limitation (noncontact)

Ultrasonic type [15]8–11±0.5 [%]703

Radar type [16]30±10 By the strength of windows