Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2016 / Article / Alg 1

Research Article

A New Swap-Based Frequency-Domain Packet Scheduling Algorithm in OFDMA System with Data Queue Size Constraints

Algorithm 1

Swap-based FDPS algorithm.
(1)    Let be the PF metric (2) value of user on PRB and is the total number of PRBs.
(2)    for PRB to do
(3)     select the best user with largest value on PRB
(4)     if there is a user satisfying , who would rank first in the scheduling
   priority of PRB if enough data in the queue then
(5)     Let be max-rate PRB already assigned to user
(6)     if swapping PRB for can bring higher throughput then
(7)     re-assign PRB to user
(8)     assign PRB to user
(9)     update the data queue size of user and user
(10)   end if
(11)   end if
(12) end for