Table 1: Alternatives analysed in the brewery project.


Air conditioningActivity includes the supply of air conditioning system and installation
ConcreteConcrete supply according to mix informed by the contractor and including installation of the concrete batching plant inside the project area and availability of concrete mixer truck and concrete pump in the quantity required
ContainersActivity includes the supply of containers for the building site and installation (electricity and logic)
Heavy equipmentActivity includes the supply of heavy equipment as planned by the contractor and preventive and corrective maintenance
Molds, shoring, and scaffoldingThe activity includes the supply of molds, shoring, and scaffolding, as well as shoring and scaffolding projects for the activities and projects presented by the contractor
Gypsum liner and partitionThe activity includes the supply and installation of gypsum liners and partitions
Continuous Flight Auger Stake (CFA Stake)The activity includes equipment supply, activity, and dynamic and static load reports
HydroseedingThe activity includes material and equipment necessary to the hydroseeding growth
WaterproofingThe activity includes material, equipment, and tests to prove the waterproofing
Asphalt pavingThe activity includes equipment and materials necessary for the asphalt pavement of the designated area
Concrete pavingThe activity includes equipment and guarantee for the concrete paving activity; the material is on behalf of the contractor
Precast concreteThe activity includes precast concrete adaptation project, material, equipment, transportation, and installation of concrete elements
Food supplyThe activity includes food supply for the personnel designated by the contractor in the building site’s dining hall
Property securityThe activity includes 24 h of armed property security and patrol
Vegetal suppressionThe activity includes equipment and licenses to do the vegetal suppression
EarthworkThe activity includes equipment and personnel for the earthwork according to the project provided by the contractor
Transportation of personnelThe activity includes equipment to transport personnel from and to their residencies in the beginning and by the end of each business’s hours according to the routes provided by the contractor