Table 3: Test data for influence of high-resistance cylinder on 15 Hz alternating electric field (dilute brine).

Group numberOutput rms of lock-in amplifierHigh-resistance cylinderAverage value of

Group 12 V339 mV73.92 mV339 mV49.0 mV1.5091.502
Group 21 V163 mV38.03 mV163 mV25.33 mV1.501
Group 30.1 V16.5 mV3.80 mV16.5 mV2.53 mV1.502
Group 410 mV381 V255.8 V1.489
Group 51 mV38.17 V25.25 V1.512
Group 6100 V3.70 V2.450 V1.510
Group 710 V361 nV241 nV1.498
Group 82 V74 nV49.5 nV1.495

CP: voltage rms of copper plate supplying electricity.
LA: measured rms of lock-in amplifier.