Table 6: Contribution of the additional features for the LULC classification in the study area.

Additional featuresContribution

DEMImproving discrimination among irrigation land, swampland, and paddy
SlopeImproving discrimination of grassland and forest and bare area and tidal
AspectLess contribution
NDVIImproving discrimination between grassland and forest
NDWIImproving discrimination between irrigated land and swampland
NDSIImproving discrimination between salina land and sandy land
NDBIEnhancing discrimination of built-up and rural settlement area
NDBaIImproving discrimination between bare area and salinized area
GreennessLess contribution
BrightnessLess contribution
WetnessLess contribution
MeanImproving discrimination between rural settlements and urban built-up area
VarianceLess contribution
HomogeneityImproving discrimination between rural settlements and urban built-up area
ContrastLess contribution
DissimilarityImproving discrimination between cropland and built-up area
EntropyImproving discrimination between artificial grassland and cropland
Second momentEnhancing discrimination of the tidal and rural settlement
CorrelationLess contribution