Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2017 / Article / Alg 1

Research Article

A Distributed Algorithm for the Cluster-Based Outlier Detection Using Unsupervised Extreme Learning Machines

Algorithm 1

UELM algorithm [8].
Input. The training data: .
Output. The label vector of cluster corresponding to
() (a) Construct the graph Laplacian of ;
() (b) Generate a pair of random values for each hidden neuron,
  and calculate the output matrix ;
() (c)
() if then
()   Find the generalized eigenvectors of Equation (11). Let
() else
()   Find the generalized eigenvectors of Equation (13). Let
() (d) Calculate the embedding matrix: ;
() (e) Treat each row of as a point, and cluster the points into
   clusters using the -means algorithm. Let be the label
   vector of cluster index for all the points.
() return ;