Table 1: Parametric design of normal section of tooth profiles.

Parametric designSymbolsPinion tooth profileGear tooth profile

Normal modulus
Pressure angleα18°~36°18°~36°
Tooth heighth1, h2(1.3~1.5)mn(1.34~1.54)mn
Radius of tooth profile curveρa, ρf(1.3~1.5)mn(1.34~1.54)mn
Circle centre movement distanceea, ef00.01mn
Circle centre offset distancela, lf0.59mn0.55mn
Distance linking contact point and pitch curvehk0.63mn0.63mn
Tooth thick at contact pointSa, Sf1.54mn1.54mn
Tooth space at contact point, 1.6mn1.54mn
Tooth crackj00.05mn
Addendum chamfer angle of gear toothγe45°
Addendum chamfer height of gear toothhe0.16mn