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Research on GNSS Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring Method Based on M-Estimation

Table 1

Constellation parameters for BDS and Galileo system.

Navigation system BDSGalileo system


Orbital plane1333
Satellite number532727
Semimajor axis/km42164421642790629978
Orbit eccentricity0000
Orbit inclination55°55°56°
Ascending nodeFixed in the longitude of 58.75°, 80°, 110.5°, 140°, 160°The intersection longitude is east longitude 118°70°, 190°, 310°0°, 120°, 240°
Mean anomaly The initial time near point angle of first satellite in each orbit is, respectively, 0°, 15°, 30°, followed by an increase of 40°
Argument of perigee