Table 3: The basic information of test example 1 with 12 customers.

CustomerNumberX/kmY/kmDemand/tonRecycle/tonService time

Cen. 003535---
Dis. 11496982.58 am-10 am
Dis. 2260256210 am-12 am
Dis. 330361268 am-10 am
Dis. 441525958.5 am-10.5 am
Dis. 5535-6949.5 am-11.5 am
Dis. 6669301159 am-12 am
Rec.175090810 am-3 pm
Rec.2836700810 am-3 pm
Rec.3946001010 am-3 pm
Sup.110156906.310 am-3 pm
Sup.211635506.310 am-3 pm
Sup.3125506.310 am-3 pm

Note: (a) Cen., Dis., Rec., and Sup. are the abbreviations of recycling center, distributors, recycler, and supplier, respectively.
(b) “-” means that these data do not need to be set in advance.