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Research Article

A New Equivalent Statistical Damage Constitutive Model on Rock Block Mixed Up with Fluid Inclusions

Table 1

Bulk modulus inside fluid inclusions.

Serial numberDepth of measuring point/mRock speciesfluid inclusion Modulus of elasticity/GPasource

11335–1338SandstoneGas, water1.6~3.5[35]
1430–1438CarbonateGas, water2~4[35]
5Sand mudstoneOil1.38[36]
6Sand mudstoneWater2.25[36]
72355–2360Sand mudstoneWater2.5[36]
83206–3210Sand mudstone47% oil 53% water1.8~4[36]
93166–3170Sand mudstoneOil0.9~2.0[36]
1180% oil 20% water1.75~2.3[37]
1260% oil 40% water1.85~2.2[37]