Table 1: Comparison between previous studies and present study.

No.SourceThemesDimensionNo. of countriesTime frameNo. of indicatorsAssessment methodProvide rank

1Coq C L [7]Energy supply securityOil, Gas, Coal2413Aggregation
2Sovacool B K [8]Energy security, Energy supplyAvailability, Affordability, Technology development, Sustainability and regulation10520Subjective scoring
3Ang B W [11]Energy security, Energy supplyEconomic, Energy supply chain, Environment1522Subjective WeightAggregation
4XueJingjing [15]Energy supply securityAvailability, Affordability, Efficiency, Technology11213Min-MaxEntropy methodSet Pair Analysis
5Geng J B [16]Energy supply securityAvailability, Affordability, Energy technologies and energy efficiency, Energy resource reserves187Min-MaxAggregation
6Lucas J N V [17]Energy security, Energy supplyEnergy supply, Environment22112Econometrics
7Erahman Q F [18]Energy securityAvailability, Affordability, Accessibility, Acceptability and efficiency.71614Min-MaxPCAAggregation
8WuChuguo [19]Energy security, Energy supplyEnergy supply, International market, Environment12110combined weightAggregation
9Malavika [20]Energy security, Energy supplySecurity of energy supply, Climate change, Energy efficiency, Research and innovation of new energy technologies, Self-sufficiency and trade.116Questionnaire survey
10ZhangJinsuo [24]Coal securitySafe, Green and Efficient.22Min-MaxAHPAggregation
11Ren J [25]Energy securityAvailability, Accessibility, Affordability, Acceptability1124Fuzzy DEMATEL
12Narula [28]Energy security, Energy supplyAvailability, Affordability, Acceptability, Efficiency1316Min-MaxSubjective WeightMulti-objective decision model
13Vivoda V [13]Energy security, Energy supplyEnergy supply, Demand management, Efficiency, Economy, Technology, and so forth.10144
14Hippel D V [29]Energy security, Energy supplySecurity of supply, Economy129Forum discussion
15Sovacool B K [30]Energy security, Energy supplyAvailability, Affordability, Technology development, Sustainability1320Questionnaire survey, Literature review
16Li Y [31]Energy securityVulnerability, Efficiency, Sustainability4139Equal weightAggregation
17Cohen G [21]Energy security, Energy supplyDiversification27Aggregation
18Brown M A [32]Energy security, Energy supplyAvailability, Affordability, Efficiency, Environment224010Aggregation