Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2018 / Article / Alg 1

Research Article

Electric-Parameter-Based Inversion of Dynamometer Card Using Hybrid Modeling for Beam Pumping System

Algorithm 1

Improved free search algorithm.
Input: The initial population size , max algebra , search step length , the parameters and ;
Output: The optimal parameter and ;
Step 1: Initialization
1.1 Normalize the input parameters and with the range of ;
1.2 The initial pheromone is obtained with the initial value, which is released at the same time;
1.3 The initial search results are obtained.
Step 2: Searching process
2.1 Calculate the sensitivity parameter with (36) and (37);
2.2 Confirm the new search point of the next search round using the sensitivity parameter;
2.3 Record the RMSE value of the error between the predicted value and the actual value as the fitness
function. Fitness function is defined as follows;
2.4 The new search results can be obtained by (33) and (34);
2.5 Preserve the best individuals;
2.6 Adjust the search radius according to (35).
Step 3: Termination condition judgement
When the termination condition is satisfied, output the optimal parameter and .