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EO Sensor Planning for UAV Engineering Reconnaissance Based on NIIRS and GIQE

Table 4

Tasks of engineering reconnaissance and NIIRS level requirement in landing combat.

Serial numberMissionsMain tasks that UAVs can supportNIIRSNIIRS requirement

1Reconnaissance of predetermined landing area.Identify beach terrain suitable for amphibious landing operation.55

2 Reconnaissance of antilanding obstacle field.Identify the type of large obstacles in obstacle belt.6 6
Detected pathways in obstacle field.4
Identify whether there is a bypass route around the main road.5

3 Reconnaissance of the road to depth.Identify obstacles in the road.6 6
Identify whether there is a bypass route around the main road.5

4Reconnaissance of river, ferry, and bridge area.Identify the shoreline of a major river.35
Identify the type of soil of riverbanks.5

5Reconnaissance of the original bridge.Identify bridge structure and damages.55

6Reconnaissance of obstacles in depth.Detect antitank ditch in monotonous background.44

7Reconnaissance of enemy’s positions and fortifications.Detect trench in monotonous background.4 7
Identify the entrance of semiunderground works when not camouflaged.7

8 Reconnaissance of enemy’s camouflage.Distinguish between pattern painting camouflages and cover camouflages of military facilities.5 7
Detect summer woodland camouflage netting large enough to cover a tank against a scattered tree.6
Distinguish between tanks, artillery, and their decoys.7

9Reconnaissance of enemy’s engineering support capability.Identify tracked or wheeled engineering equipment, wheeled vehicles by general type when in groups.44

10Reconnaissance of area for constructing helipad.Identify suitable area for constructing helipad.44