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Multiagent System for Mutual Collaboration Classification for Cancer Detection

Table 11

Main agent state list.

State IDFrom behaviorTo behaviorCondition

S1Start-upModel buildingThe training data is giving to the agent
S2Model buildingWaiting for inputThe model is built using the training data
S3Waiting for inputProcessingAn instance to be classified is giving to the agent, by local input mechanism or as query
S4ProcessingQuery responseThe instance received by query is processed
S5Query responseInform resultsThe instance received by query is accepted
S6Inform resultsWaiting for inputThe results have been informed to the initiator
S7Query responseWaiting for inputThe instance received by query is rejected
S8ProcessingWaiting for inputThe local instance is processed
S9ProcessingQueryAgent need collaboration
S10QueryWaiting for responseAgent sent query for collaboration
S11Waiting for responseWaiting for resultsAgent received acceptance from other(s)
S12Waiting for resultsProcessingAgent received results from other(s)