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Applied Mathematics to Mobile Robotics and their Applications

Call for Papers

Mobile robots require the study of a number of specific areas and are also sensible to the applications to which they are intended. It implies that studies about mechanics of locomotion are needed which allows the subsequent application of navigation techniques to ensure the effectiveness of the robot. Studies of the dynamic behavior of the robotic assembly are necessary to ensure the performance and safety of the equipment. It is also indispensable for the sensoring and the control system to guarantee the result.

Applications of these robots are vast and they affect their development. It can be cited as agricultural robots, applied to industrial works, road transport, exploration, services, information and guidance on large surfaces, and so on.

To achieve an efficient robot for a specific application is not simple, and it requires the application of advanced techniques in different fields, turning often to the application of optimization techniques both in the development of topology and in the mechanical components or software navigation among others, resulting in the use of sophisticated mathematical and numerical techniques. Therefore, we encourage researchers to provide their work related to the advanced mathematical modelling, design, analysis, and so forth.

Objectives are also to analyze the role that mathematics as a whole plays in robotics, from the resolution of specific problems, the study of new designs applied to the various subsystems that take part in the robotic system and new solutions to complex problems. New mathematical trends, methodologies, and so forth are welcome.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Mathematical models in robot locomotion
  • Robot navigation and mathematical foundations
  • Mathematical issues on motion planning
  • Mathematics applied to mechanical design in robotics
  • Mathematical modelling in robot interaction
  • Optimization techniques applied to robotics
  • Mathematical models applied to robotics

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