Research Article

Malaria Parasite Density Estimated with White Blood Cells Count Reference Value Agrees with Density Estimated with Absolute in Children Less Than 5 Years in Central Ghana

Table 3

Comparison of parasite densities using absolute WBCs, assumed WBCs, and WBCs Reference value.

Absolute WBCsWBCs count of 5000/µLWBCs count of 6000/µLWBCs count of 8000/µLWBCs count of 9200/µLWBCs count of 10000/µLWBCs count of 10400/µL

Number of observations, 4944494449444944494449444944
25% percentile1947101312151620186320252106
75% percentile72777357804293657248658357156074423
Std. deviation14915291603109924146565168550183206190534
Std. error (mean)2121130315632085239726062710
Lower 95% CI of mean65459342974115654875631066859371337
Upper 95% CI of mean73776394054728663048725057880981962
Geometric mean1064454246509867999811084811282
Lower 95% CI of geo. mean998650886105814093611017510581
Upper 95% CI of geo. mean11347578369409253106411156712029