Research Article

Malaria Parasite Density Estimated with White Blood Cells Count Reference Value Agrees with Density Estimated with Absolute in Children Less Than 5 Years in Central Ghana

Table 4

Correlation analysis of malaria parasite densities using assumed and reference value WBCs count compared with absolute WBCs.

VariableMeanStandard deviationMinimumMaximum

Absolute WBCs69618149152102790960
WBCs of 5000/µL3685191603101993543
WBCs of 6000/µL44221109924122392252
WBCs of 8000/µL58961146565163189669
WBCs of 9200/µL67805168550183668119
WBCs of 10000/µL73701183206203987086
WBCs of 10400/µL76649190534214146569

Absolute WBCsWBCs count of 5000/µLWBCs count of 6000/µLWBCs count of 8000/µLWBCs count of 9200/µLWBCs count of 10000/µLWBCs count of 10400/µL

Absolute WBCs1.0000
WBCs of 5000/µL0.88251.0000
WBCs of 6000/µL0.88251.00001.0000
WBCs of 8000/µL0.88251.00001.00001.0000
WBCs of 9200/µL0.88251.00001.00001.00001.0000
WBCs of 10000/µL0.88251.00001.00001.00001.00001.0000
WBCs of 10400/µL0.88251.00001.00001.00001.00001.00001.0000

Significance level of correlation is .