Research Article

Fuzzy Energy Management Scheme for a Hybrid Power Sources of High-Altitude Pseudosatellite

Table 1

Fuel cell model parameters.

Fuel cell model input parameters

Voltage at 0A and 1A [V_0(V), V_1(V)][52.5, 52.46]
Nominal operating point [Inom(A), Vnom(V)][250, 41.15]
Maximum operating point [Iend(A), Vend(V)][320, 39.2]
Number of cells[65]
Nominal stack efficiency (%)[50]
Operating temperature (celsius)[45]
Nominal air flow rate (lpm)[732]
Nominal supply pressure [fuel (bar), air (bar)][1.16,1]
Nominal composition (%) [H2 O2 H2O(air)][99.95, 21,1]