Modelling and Simulation in Engineering / 2021 / Article / Tab 5

Research Article

Modelling Sustainable Development Aspects within Inventory Supply Strategies

Table 5

AHP weights obtained for the interactions between all criteria, subcriteria, and alternatives (own work).

GoalConsistency ratioCriteria/factorsAlternatives

Definition of SD criteria that impact inventory through the SC0.0516Eco 0.5936Eco_Q 0.2234A_Eco_Q1 0.0075A_Eco_Q2 0.0269A_Eco_Q3 0.0375A_Eco_Q4 0.0568A_Eco_Q5 0.0947
Eco_E 0.0887A_Eco_E1 0.0026A_Eco_E2 0.0045A_Eco_E3 0.0159A_Eco_E4 0.0213A_Eco_E5 0.0443
Eco_R 0.2815A_Eco_R1 0.0366A_Eco_R2 0.0895A_Eco_R3 0.1114A_Eco_R4 0.0245A_Eco_R5 0.0165
0.0176Env 0.2493Env_E 0.0523A_Env_E1 0.0024A_Env_E2 0.0035A_Env_E3 0.0133A_Env_E4 0.0267A_Env_E5 0.0065
Env_N 0.0599A_Env_N1 0.0028A_Env_N2 0.0089A_Env_N3 0.0288A_Env_N4 0.0036A_Env_N5 0.0158
Env_W 0.1371A_Env_W1 0.0076A_Env_W2 0.0069A_Env_W3 0.0368A_Env_W4 0.0496A_Env_W5 0.0362
0.0036Soc 0.1571Soc_H 0.0172A_Soc_H1 0.0010A_Soc_H2 0.0046A_Soc_H3 0.0009A_Soc_H4 0.0045A_Soc_H5 0.0062
Soc_W 0.0485A_Soc_W1 0.0298A_Soc_W2 0.0057A_Soc_W3 0.0130
Soc_E 0.0913A_Soc_E1 0.0061A_Soc_E2 0.0028A_Soc_E3 0.0212A_Soc_E4 0.0157A_Soc_E5 0.0455