Figure 8: Oligondendrocyte progenitors express eGFP. (a) P14 piriform cortex contains multiple bright eGFP+ cells with the morphology of oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (OPC). Note the numerous pairs of cells. Scale bar = 50 microns. (b) Two eGFP+ cells showing typical morphology of OPC’s. (P28 mouse, near base of lateral ventricles). Scale bar = 20 microns. (c) eGFP+ immunoreactive cell with the ultrastructural features of an oligodendrocyte. Scale bar = 2 microns. (d) eGFP+ striatal cell that is immunolabeled with the oligodendrocyte marker CNPase (P28 mouse). CNPase antibodies also labeled white matter tracts like the corticostriate fiber tract (ft) seen in this panel. Scale bar = 10 microns. (e) Oligodendrocyte-like eGFP+ cell (arrowhead) does not express NeuN. This cell wraps processes around an adjacent NeuN+ neuron. Note that a few NeuN+ neurons (arrow) exhibit weak eGFP fluorescence. Scale bar = 20 microns.