Figure 3: (a) Data adapted from Fyhn et al. [30] showing how grid fields remap (translate and rotate) following movement of the rat from one room to another. (b) Schematic illustration of remapping following environmental change, in grid cells and place cells. EC: entorhinal cortex, HPC: hippocampus. Sets of grid cells (represented here by two offset grid arrays, with one grid dark grey and the other light grey) project to place cells and generate a set of place fields. When the environment changes, the grid cells remap (in this case, with a translation and a rotation). Note that the two grid cells, although they have altered their absolute firing positions, have maintained the same relative positions with respect to each other. The place cells also remap, with, in this example, two cells switching fields off, two switching them on and one shifting its field to a new location in the enclosure.