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Histaminergic Mechanisms for Modulation of Memory Systems

Table 1

Systemic administration of drugs that act on the histaminergic system and memory performance.

SpeciesHistaminergic modulator delivery routeBehavioral taskHistaminergic modulatorLesion or pharmacological induced memory impairmentEffect on memoryReference(s)

Rati.p.Radial mazeHistidinescopolamine
Rati.p.Eight-arm radial mazeHistidineMK-801
Rati.p.Delayed non-matching to position (DNMTP) taskH3 receptor antagonist (JNJ-10181457)Scopolamine (i.p.) [79]
Rati.p.Radial mazeHistidineMuscimol (intraseptal) [80]
Rati.p.Object recognitionH1 receptor antagonist (ciproxifan)Scopolamine (i.p.) [81]
Mousei.p.Object recognitionH3 receptor inverse agonist (BF 2649)Scopolamine (i.p.) [82]
Rati.p.Passive avoidanceH3 receptor antagonist (compound 5)Scopolamine (s.c.) [83]
RatOral administrationPassive avoidanceH3 receptor antagonist (GSK207040 and GSK334429)Scopolamine (i.p.) [84]
Mousei.p.Step-through inhibitory avoidanceH3 receptor antagonist (thioperamide)scopolamine or dizocilpine (i.p.) [85]
Mousei.p.Step-through passive avoidanceH3 receptor antagonist (clobenpropit, thioperamide)scopolamine (i.p.) [86, 87]
Mousei.p.Plus mazeHistidineScopolamine (i.p.)[88]
Mousei.p.Plus mazeH3 receptor antagonist (thioperamide)Scopolamine (i.p.)[89]
Mousei.p.Plus mazeH3 receptor antagonist (FUB 181 [3-(4-chlorophenyl)propyl-3-(1H-imidazol-4-yl)propyl ether])scopolamine (i.p.) [90, 91]
Rats.c.Inhibitory avoidanceH3 receptor antagonists (GT-2331, ciproxifan, A-304121, A-317920; ABT-239) [9294]
Mousei.p.Step-through inhibitory avoidanceH3 receptor antagonist (thioperamide) [85]
Mousei.p.Passive avoidanceH3 receptor antagonist (thioperamide)[95]
Ratsi.p.Object recognition Passive avoidanceH3 receptor agonists (RAMH, imetit, immepip) [96]
RatOral administration.Active avoidanceH1 receptor antagonists (diphenhydramine, pyrilamine, promethazine and chlorpheniramine)[97]
Rati.p.Inhibitory avoidanceH1 receptor antagonist
Rati.p.Water mazeHistidineno effect[99]
Rati.p.Water mazeH3 receptor agonist, (RAMH)[99]
Rati.p. or oral administrationSocial memoryH3 receptor antagonists (ABT-239) [94]

RAMH: (R)-alpha-methylhistamine (H3 receptor agonist); i.p.. intraperitoneal; s.c.: subcutaneous.