Table 1: Descriptive statistics of study variables.
(a) Histological findings in subjects exposed to adverse rearing (VFD) and normal control conditions (LFDs)

SubjectsVFDLFD controlsStatistics
Parameter 𝑁 MeanStd Dev 𝑁 MeanStd Dev 𝑡 -valuedf 𝑃 -value

Age (year)4111.41411.41061
Weight (kg)411.512.849.382.91−1.0660.332
Ki67 expressing cells (per mm3 of SGZ) 422.77.84443.649.323.4460.014
DCX expressing cells (per mm3 of SGZ)475.4396.424262.5116.332.4860.048
BCL2 ratings (grades 1–4)41.340.3342.080.343.1160.021

(b) Metabolic parameters in the subgroup of subjects

Parameter 𝑁 MeanStd Dev

Glucose (mg/mL)476.501.73
Crown Rump Length (cm)419.811.28
Cholesterol (mg/dL)4117.5021.23
Triglyceride (mg/dL)450.0020.03
HDL (mg/dL)445.758.61
LDL (mg/dL)461.7522.20
Cholesterol/HDL ratio42.630.74