Figure 4: Coronal sections through core auditory cortex (AAF and A1) summarize each of the single-unit recording penetrations ( ) in ferrets with early hearing loss. For each penetration, the hashmarks indicate the location of an identified neuron ( ) whose functional properties are indicated: A = auditory; S = somatosensory; AS = auditory-somatosensory; Un = unresponsive. The pie chart (top right) summarizes the proportions of encountered neuron types: AS = 62%; S = 10%; A = 19%; and Un = 9%. The coronal sections are serially arranged ( ) with the thin contour representing the gray-white border and the dashed lines indicating the presumed borders of AAF and A1. Because the sulcal borders of these regions have not been mapped, it was assumed that the sulcal extent of each area terminated at the lip of the sulcus. Only those neurons whose location plotted within the depicted borders of AAF/A1 were included in this study. Not all neurons are plotted due to overlap.