Table 1: Clinical profiles of each patient.

Patients number12345

Time after onset (mt)21.52.511
Motor deficitL hemiparesisL hemiplegiaL hemiplegia (transient)L hemiplegiaL hemiparesis
Somatosensory deficit++++
Constructive apraxia++
Type of lesionI (MCA)HI (MCA)I (MCA)I (MCA)

Motor and somato-sensory deficits were assessed by a classical clinical examination. Presence of hemianopia was assessed by means of the Goldman perimetry. Constructive apraxia was assessed on copying geometrical drawings.
Abbreviations—+: present; −: absent; mt: month; F: female; M: male; L: left, H: hemorrhagic; I: ischemic; MCA: middle cerebral artery.