Figure 7: Adult ocular dominance plasticity ceases at postnatal day (P) 100. Retinotopic maps of the binocular visual cortex are shown. Elevation is colour coded according to the scheme on the left. Polar maps obtained by stimulation of the contralateral (contra) or ipsilateral (ipsi) eye are illustrated for four representative mice. Ocular dominance (OD) in the visual cortex is shown in the OD maps on the right, colour-coded according to the scheme on the right. In nondeprived control mice both before (a) and after (c) P100, the contralateral eye activates the cortex more strongly than the ipsilateral eye, which is reflected in warm-coloured OD maps. Seven days of monocular deprivation shift OD towards the ipsilateral eye in P95 animals ((b), colder colours of OD map), but have no such effect in the P130 animal (d). Scale: 1 mm.