Table 5: Contralateral-side comparisons between patients and control subjects.

Control subjects ( )Patients ( ) value compared with N/S versus control value compared with S/N versus control
Averaged L/R and R/LN/SS/N
Mean ± SDMean ± SDMean ± SD

Latency (ms)
 L-III 0.1060.870
 L-V 0.004*0.550
Interpeak latency (ms)
 IPL III–V 0.026*0.249
Amplitude (μV)
 A-III 0.2910.520
 A-V 0.4680.460

A: amplitude; IPL: interpeak latency; L: absolute latency; L: left side; N: nonsurgical side; R: right side; S: surgical side.
* P < 0.05 compared to control subjects.