Research Article

Comparative Morphology of Dendritic Arbors in Populations of Purkinje Cells in Mouse Sulcus and Apex

Figure 5

PC thickness and intraarbor dendritic crossings. (a) Morphological reconstruction showing the , , and planes to visualize planarity of PC arbors. (b) PC dendritic thickness in the -dimension. There is a tendency for sulcus PC dendrites to achieve a larger spread in the mediolateral plane ( -dimension). (c) Graphical representation of a PC dendritic arbor with branches overpassing each other (locations indicated in red, somata excluded). (d) Mean number of overpassing branches for PC arbors in sulcus and apex of young and old mice. There is a significant difference in the mean number of intraarbor crossings in young versus old sulcus, , Mann-Whitney test. There is also a significant difference in old sulcus arbors relative to apex ( , Mann-Whitney test).