Figure 2: Correlations between FA/MD and age (a), hearing loss (b), and tinnitus loudness (c). (a) Many voxels of the average WM skeleton (green), especially in frontal cortex and the corpus callosum, showed a significant ( , corrected) positive correlation between age and MD (red), a significant negative correlation between age and FA (blue), or both (purple). (b) In addition, several voxels in the WM tracts near left auditory cortex and in the WM tracts connecting left ACx to the corpus callosum showed a significant negative correlation between average hearing loss and FA (blue). This negative correlation was also observed in anterior portions of the corpus callosum. (c) Significant negative correlations (black) were also observed between tinnitus loudness ratings and MD in the anterior thalamic radiation and the anterior and superior left corona radiata. Results are superimposed on the MNI152 brain template.