Review Article

Surveillance, Phagocytosis, and Inflammation: How Never-Resting Microglia Influence Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis

Table 2

Summary of factors secreted by neuroprogenitors and the potential effect they have on microglia in vitro.

NPC secreted factorsReferenceModulation of microgliaReference

BDNF[18]Proliferation and induction of phagocytic activity[35]
IL-1 [37]Intracellular Ca+2 elevation and proliferation[22]
IL-6[37]Increase in proliferation[38]
NGF[40]Decrease in LPS-induced NO[41]
TGF [37]Inhibition of TNF secretion[42]
TNF [37]Upregulation of IL-10 secretion[43]
VEGF[20]Induction of chemotaxis and proliferation[20]