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Statins Promote Long-Term Recovery after Ischemic Stroke by Reconnecting Noradrenergic Neuronal Circuitry

Figure 4

Neurogenesis after ischemic injury in normal and vehicle- or atorvastatin-treated group. (a) Cell proliferation in SVZ of the ischemic hemisphere is identified by BrdU (green) and NeuN (red) immunoreactivity. Many BrdU-positive cells are shown in the SVZ of both groups, with increased BrdU-positive cells in the striatum of the atorvastatin-treated group. (b) A quantitative graph representing the number of BrdU-positive cells, which is increased in the atorvastatin-treated group compared with the vehicle-treated group in the SVZ. (c) The migration of the proliferated cells is identified in the cortex and striatum each stained with BrdU (green) and NeuN (red). Scale bars = 20 μm.